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Welcome to Coach Joel, my name is Joel Brown.

What we achieve and how we achieve it can be different for everyone. I know from my own experience that the way I achieve things can vary quite a lot from what works for other people. So this website is not going to be for everyone, and my point of view or how I do things may not work for everyone.

There are many journeys that we take, which can either build us up or bring us down. A large part of how each journey affects our life is in how we approach the journey and how we handle the results of the journey.

Within this website I really hope to share with you some of the journeys that I take within my life. Some may be positive and up lifting journeys, while others may be a little less so. However every journey has a lesson to teach, and even if only one person gains from what I share, it has been worth sharing.

Possibly the most important thing I want to say up front is, my journey, is not the only way. What I share is what I have experienced, and for the most part only based on my experience. Which of course may not work for you, or be useful for you.

However at the same time if you are reading what I share, please consider doing so with an open mind. Seeing a journey or a story from a different perspective while it may not give you the answer you need, it may help you to see your own situation from a different perspective.

Finally it is worth noting that everything on this website is my own opinion, and I am not a qualified professional. So the information contained within does not take into account your own circumstances or needs. It is your responsibility to realise when you may need to seek professional advice from a trained professional and nothing contained within this website should be considered as professional advice.